Perdition High

Because it's fucking hell

And we're lucky to survive

A collaborative HS AU between Chris and Christina.

Supernatural AU, focusing mainly on the aspects of daily life as a teenager. Some romance that's mostly Dean/Cas (though Sam follows Gabe like a puppy). We're not solid on the ages yet but I (Christina) base it at about 16 for Dean and Cas.

Content Warning: it will include homophobia, bullying, violence, abuse, substance abuse, suicide, depression, anxiety, etc.

Christina's writing tag is 'Arty Writes', Chris' is 'this is my writing tag'.

Note: the parts by Chris (tagged 'this is my writing tag' have a lot of basis in her high school. Parts by her will be based upon her school layout etc.

A lot of these will be based on personal HS experiences.

Warnings: Depressive/suicidal thoughts, mentions of cutting, homophobia, bullying, physical abuse

I sometimes wish I had a reason to feel the way that I do.

I’m 17 years old and I want to die.

No one should want to die at 17.

Then again, I am Dean Winchester and I seem to be the go to guy if you need to beat the shit out of someone who won’t fight back. Hell, I don’t even know why I don’t fight back. Probably cause 99% of the people that take their swings at me tell me that if I do, they’ll go after Sam. And like hell am I going to let them lay one finger on my brother.

So I let them hit me.

I let them hit me and degrade me until the only words I hear ringing in my ears are “fag”, “queer bitch”, and “cocksucker”.

And then I made the ultimate mistake of falling head over heel for the school’s golden boy, Castiel Novak.

So here I am: 17, gay, suicidal, and in love with someone that will never even seem to realize that I exist.

Yeah, life is fan-fucking-tastic.

But as long as Sam stays safe, then it’s all good.

At least that’s what I tell myself when I pull out the razor at night.